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Field Day 2014-June 28-29 at the Half-Moon Reef Lighthouse

PLARC operators continue to vault ahead. Analysis of the December issue of QST indicates the following: PLARC placed 2nd in South Texas for Class 2A. 701 contacts with 150 watts or less, totalling 3,012 points with 9 personnel.

Field Day 2013 was the best yet....485 QSO's, plenty of bonus points; photos and a complete story will be posted soon.

The Secretary/Treasurer and web reporter has gotten behind!!!! I promise to do better and get this updated...right after repairing the Green Lake repeater! Just the same, somebody's gotta remind me to use that camera I'm carrying around.

2013 Monthly meetings....

Monthly Meetings and Field Day 2012

March 8, 2012 - Nine attendees. Mario, WO5O, showed off his newest loop antenna. More to follow.

February 9, 2012 - Eight attendees. More to follow.

January 12, 2012 - Nine attendees, including "winter Texans" WA9FFV and KC9TIW. More to follow.

November 10, 2011 - details to follow.

October 13, 2011 - details to follow

At the September 8 meeting, Ms. LaDonna Thigpen, Emergency Management Coordinator for Calhoun County,
will discuss the responsibilities of her office and how she intends to incorporate amateur radio into emergency operations.

August 11 found attendees under Mario's spell, as he dropped us all into the deep end of the digital pool, with a HOW-TO on Winlink 2000 via Winmor. Ed, the photographer, was so absorbed that he forgot to take pictures until the show was winding down!

From the left, Jerry, KF5DDV (with Jerry, KA5LVH out of sight behind), John, KE5HAM, Paul, KF5LSS, Mario, WO5O, holding his notes, Skip, KW5AS fiddling with the TS-590, Tommy, AB5AS explaining, and Ed, K5SBR, behind the lens doing a lousy job framing the photo.

For those who would like something of a replay, the basis of the video presentation by Mario and Skip can be found at http://www.winlink.org/webfm_send/184 entitled "Getting Started with Winlink 2000". Our guys did a great job, capped by a live demonstration contacting an automated station a few hundred miles up the road with an almost undetectable signal. Having the computer screen replayed on the big-screen TV on the wall was really cool, too.

The entire Winlink2000 site at http://www.winlink.org is really professionally done and complete with an excellent history (http://www.winlink.org/node/1), technical specifications, how-to's and downloads. It is a far, far cry from the Airmail and Sailmail of a dozen years ago. THIS IS REALLY DOING COMMUNICATION WITH AMATEUR RADIO! Check it out, even if you are a died-in-the-wool phone dx'er.

July 14, 2011 Club Meeting at First National Bank

"SHOW AND TELL", was a blast! The pictures tell the story.
From the left, Jerry, KF5DDV, Noel, KD5PMU, Mario, WO5O, and Skip, KW5AS watch as Mario sends left handed on Skip's Vintage Vibroplex Lightning, with Skip's Kenwood (very nice DSP!) in the middle.

From the left, Jerry, KA5LVH, seated, Jerry, KF5DDV, Skip, KW5AS, Noel, KD5PMU and Mario, WO5O surround the table loaded with Tommy's and Mario's keys, while talkin' up a hamvention trip to a place far, far away.

Tommy and his 1946 Vibroplex Original, the key formerly owned by the last telegrapher at the Port Lavaca Railroad Depot.

From the left (seated), Tommy, AB5AS and John, KE5HAM, give Paul, KF5LSS advice on getting started in ham radio, with Mario, WO5O, at right, involved in the hamvention discussion.




Field Day 2011, (WO5O photo)
The survivors gather just after 1300 Sunday. From the right, Mario, WO5O, Tommy, AB5AS, Jerry, KF5DDV, and Ed, K5SBR.

June 9, 2011 Club Meeting at First National Bank
Led by intrepid President Tommy Hargrove, AB5AS, the final touches were put on planning for participation in the 2011 ARRL Field Day exercise. Ed, K5SBR, passed around the draft press release, while stories of past operations flew across the big round table. Others in attendence were Mario, WO5O, Jerry, KA5LVN, Jerry, KF5DDV, John, KE5HAM, and Skip, KW5AS. Tommy also brought along his 1946 Vibroplex bug, which he obtained from Foots Wallace some years ago. Foots was the last telegrapher at the Port Lavaca Railway Depot.


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