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Updated November 14, 2013

Campbell's Guide to Cruising Texas

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Campbell's Guide to Cruising Texas is out of print. It did continue the tradition as the MOST comprehensive mariner's guidebook devoted entirely to Texas ever published. Covering the Texas Campbell's Guide to Cruising Texas, 2005 EditionGulf coast in 366 information-packed pages, featuring a hundred marinas, launch ramp locations, anchorages, tide tables, boat yard details. This book has rewritten the standard for boater's guides with ---

More than 80 SKETCHES - to provide a detailed chart-type "picture" worth many, many words...

a quick reference "executive summary" to bring together crucial information on harbor, anchorage and marina entrances...

A dozen MAPS - of waterfront communities from the land side, showing the location of important services...

Over two-hundred PHOTOS - showcasing harbors, points-of-interest, and more, from land, air and water...

Featuring the facts needed by fishermen, the cruising boater or anyone interested in the coast. Nearly a thousand phone numbers and web addresses, as well as local events calendars, make planning a breeze and the trip a lot more fun for all.

"I found it, using Campbell's Guide to Cruising..."

Ed Campbell
Author of the Campbell's Guide to Cruising Texas, Campbell's Guide to Cruising Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, the Texas portion of the 1992 Edition of the Texas/Louisiana Coastal Cruising Guide,
as well as dozens of feature articles for the boating press.


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